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Read about My Travel Experiences Around the World

Traveling around the world is a never-ending journey and you just can’t read enough of it no matter how much I write unless you see them all tough your own eyes. Nevertheless, I would like to share the best five of my experience which is sure to move the travel bug in you.


The first in the list has to be France travel tips, as no other country in the world can hold the charm of its capital Paris.


Tokyo, indeed it is the largest city in the world and is so massively crowded and yet so incredibly loaded with culture and traditions of Japan.

Himalayas, India

If you want to unwind for a while and delve into your spiritual self, then nothing can beat the charisma of India. Travel into the peace of Himalayas.

How to Create the Perfect Travel Itinerary

If you plan your trip well, about where to go and how to go beforehand, you are already halfway there. here are a few France travel tips for you to make your trip hassle-free and memorable.

  1. Make a realistic plan, don’t to finish seeing all the sites in a day.
  2. Keep a track and record of the time that you are going to take to travel from point a to point b.
  3. Keep your connections at hand like information on connecting trains and planes just in case of a delay or mishap.
  4. Keep important and useful websites and apps handy that you might need in an emergency situation in the new land.
  5. Always schedule a free day in your itinerary so that you can catch up with the things that you missed when you planned.

Places to Visit by Car – Best Road Trips

This road trip is worth a while as the longest trip by the coast of Ireland is sure to take your breath away. Wild Atlantic Way
I bet you cannot stop visiting this spot once as the distilleries in the coastline will keep calling you every now and then. North Coast 500 – Scotland
This coastline of New Zealand is an ideal place for a long road trip to bid adieu to the flying kiwis. South Island
You must have seen this wonderful coastline in many Hollywood movies and the experience of a road trip on this coast will surely be a lifetime experience. Amalfi Coast
A 600 km Australian coastline that will offer you the best road trip of your life.make sure you have enough time to enjoy this trip to its fullest. Great Ocean Road

Travel Tips for Most Romantic Country – France

France definitely is the most romantic country with Eiffel tower as the center of attraction in its capital city, Paris. But that is definitely not all that you have to see when you are in France. There is so much more to this beautiful country. Here are some France travel tips.

Musee de Louvre

This most visited museum of the world is located in Paris. Do visit this museum even if you are not an art enthusiast as this will give you ample stuff to boast about witnessing the most famous world arts like Monalisa, mummies of Egypt and many more when you go back to your home

Versailles Palace

Time travel to France of 1682 when king Louis XIV was the ruler. The palace will tell you many untold stories that you may not have heard elsewhere.


A hub for the lovers of the French gothic art, so mesmerizing that you can spend the whole day here with all your heart.

Things to Do in Small but Glorious Monaco

One of the best France travel tips I can give you is to visit Monaco. Monaco is a substate neighboring to France and is the richest country in the world. if you are wondering what thrives the economy of Monaco, then the answer is its tourism industry and the gambling industry with many of the best casinos. Yes, the luxurious and deluxe casinos of Monaco are worth a visit, especially because it is frequented by the renowned celebrities of the world. Once you are in Monaco, it is your duty to visit one of those super famous casinos Casino Monte-Carlo, Casino Café de Paris, that you have only witnessed in movies so far, doesn’t matter whether you are a gambler or not. These casinos have the best of real money casino games like blackjack, roulette, video poker, slots, etc for one and all.

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